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Our publications will make you navigate your desired routes.
They will be stimuli to deepen the various marine activities and related
Through the readings we will abandon ourselves to the wind of passions.
We love what we understand, we understand what we know, we know what is
known to us.
A lot has been written on the sea.
Ilmareintasca, using the marine activities and the skills possessed, will
promote initiatives in favor of people in need to offer moments of serenity.
A drop can help form an ocean.
Let's offer it!

Poesie di mare

Pochi sono coloro che possono dare del tu al mare,
e quei pochi non lo fanno."


Per sempre me ne andrò per questi lidi,
Tra la sabbia e la schiuma del mare.
L'alta marea cancellerà le mie impronte,
E il vento disperderà la schiuma.
Ma il mare e la spiaggia dureranno
In eterno.

(Gibran Kahlil Gibran, 1926)

Lieve sento sull'onde soavi
l'accostarsi di placide navi
come voci di rive lontane.

(Aleksandr Blok)

"Se vuoi costruire una nave,
non radunare gli uomini per raccogliere il legno e distribuire i compiti ma,
insegna loro la nostalgia del mare ampio e infinito"

(A. de Saint Exupery)

L'uomo che ha visto il mare
non sa più pensare ad altre acque.

(Meng Tse)

L' uomo e il mare

Uomo libero, sempre tu amerai il mare!
Il mare è il tuo specchio;
tu miri, nello svolgersi infinito delle sue onde, la tua anima.
Il tuo spirito non è abisso meno amaro.
Ti compiaci a tuffarti entro la tua propria immagine;
tu l'abbracci con gli occhi e con le braccia,
e il tuo cuore si distrae alle volte dal suo battito al rumore
di questo lamento indomabile e selvaggio.
Siete entrambi a un tempo tenebrosi e discreti:
uomo, nessuno ha mai misurato la profondità dei tuoi abissi;
mare, nessuno conosce le tue ricchezze segrete,
tanto siete gelosi di conservare il vostro mistero.
E tuttavia sono innumerevoli secoli che vi combattete
senza pietà né rimorsi,
talmente amate la carneficina e la morte,
eterni lottatori, fratelli.

(Charles Baudelaire - 1821-1867)

Fratello Mare

Ed ecco ce ne andiamo come siamo venuti
arrivederci fratello mare
mi porto un po’ della tua ghiaia
un po’ della tua luce
e della tua infelicità.
Ci hai saputo dir molte cose
sul tuo destino di mare
eccoci con un po’ più di speranza
eccoci con un po’ più di saggezza
e ce ne andiamo come siamo venuti,
arrivederci fratello mare.

(Nazim Hikmet)

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Summer Camp

Summer camp

The activities we organize are the result of the commitment of those who, with
tenacity, imagination and creativity, want to commit themselves to keeping
attention focused on environmental emergencies, with particular reference to
the oceans and marine environments.
Circular economy will be experimented, where everything is regenerated and
nothing is disposed of, as in nature.
Prevention, reduction of waste, reuse, recycling and sharing, with the
awareness that the planet's resources are not inexhaustible.
We propose experiences including meeting, aggregation, reflection,
exchange and experience for those who participate, with the romantic illusion
of creating new standards of nature protection.
The formation of an environmental awareness capable of taking on
sustainable behaviors and lifestyles is the main objective of the experiences
that ilmareintasca will make you live in summer camps and organized

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Travel in Italy

Travel in Italy

Italy has one of its greatest fortunes in its artistic and cultural heritage. A
treasure of incalculable value recognized all over the world, and not always
adequately valued or often even left in a state of total abandonment. Only the
enhancement and protection of cultural heritage can instead feed the
development potential of territories, activate a sustainable economy, improve
the quality of life of communities, create a quantifiable wealth not only in
money but also in the ability to maintain high levels of beauty, the banner of a
country among the most loved and visited in the world.
The commitment of ilmareintasca is to imagine journeys in which the joy of
the discovery of the cultures and the artistic richness of the places visited
joins the love for the sea.

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Our events

Every event designed and created by ilmareintasca starts with a strong
storytelling that always develops together with high-profile entertainment.
The proposals of ilmareintasca integrate five production steps: concept
design, design of the palimpsest and direction, design, organization and
management of the event.
We are able to create training events gained through academic paths,
learning by experience.
The result is a singular and avant-garde training proposal: our projects are
modular and tailor-made to create unforgettable "marine" experiences.
Never will the sea truly be like this ... in your pocket

By ilmareintasca

A show to love

We have launched a fundraising project to bring those children who have
never had the opportunity to do so to spend a week at sea, learning to live it
and love it. Our "navigation" of solidarity will develop in 7 stages in Rome,
Turin, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence and Naples.
In these cities our show will speak of the sea in a multidisciplinary way
(culture, music, sailing, freediving, marine biology …) and, among lovers of
the sea, we will try to raise funds for this initiative.
The donation will be free and then will be donated to the Verdeacqua non-
profit organization in Milan, which will build the activity with the boys.
A final event will celebrate the end of the stages.
Details of the evenings on our facebook site.
We hope many of you will come!

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Solidarity in "Encyclopedia of the boys"
Mutual support
Solidarity is a feeling of unity that arises from the awareness of a common belonging and from the sharing of interests and ends, and finds expression in behavior of mutual help and altruism. Solidarity can be established among the members of a particular social group, but it can also be a feeling of universal brotherhood. Ilmareintasca, using the marine activities and the skills possessed, will promote initiatives in favor of people in need to offer moments of serenity.

A drop can help form an ocean.
Let's offer it!

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The Sail – The match race

Sailing is an extraordinarily complex sport, which often evokes images of nature, freedom, adventure, courage, friendship, passion … constantly stimulating our imagination. It can be experienced in many ways, with family and friends, with oneself, in competition, on a cruise or simply on a sailed Sunday. When we talk about competition, the Match Race is certainly the most compelling discipline and it is essentially simple: you have two boats at a time- identical to one another- compete in a duel, with only one opponent to be defeated at a time!

In any race the important thing is to win, in a match race it is to win by defeating the other boat.

Read more “The Sail – The match race”

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The new frontier of responsible tourism

Imagine spending a day on board a fishing boat next to fishermen, learning
about the coastal environment and the secrets hidden within the depths of the
sea, observing ancient and fascinating fishing methods, tasting freshly caught
fish, rediscovering traditional local recipes, practice actual fishing, while diving
in places inaccessible from ground routes that are small naturalistic jewels.
all this is now possible, it's called
Fishing tourism
Last summer many tourists were able to experience this exciting novelty in
many Italian locations, from Punta Campanella in Campania to Lipari and in
Valdèmone in Sicily, but also in the Venetian lagoons, in the Tuscan

Archipelago, in the small islands of Sardinia and along the fascinating
Ligurian coast.
Taking part in a fishing holiday will let you know some of the most popular
fishing systems in our country. An opportunity to learn something more about
the fishing craft, to which we want to prepare you for, providing you with some
simple information on the various tools used by fishing tourism cooperatives
that you find on this site.
In Campania, Liguria, Sardinia, Sicily, Emilia Romagna and Lazio, you can
participate in a fishing trip with the "NETWORKS", nets left at sea waiting for
the fish to stumble in them remain stuck. A technique also known in antiquity,
very little has changed over time. The most famous are:
The "TREMAGLIO", a very particular net that is lowered to the bottom to
capture valuable species, such as lobsters. It is composed of three nets with
different meshes: the fish, entering it, easily pass the first net, with larger
meshes, and remains bagged in the second, while the third precludes any
possibility of exit;
the "FERRETTARA", formed instead by a single net with different meshes
depending on the species to be fished. In this case, the fish remains
harnessed with the head in the meshes, and cannot get out anymore.
The "NASSE", which you will find in Campania and Lazio, are instead of small
traps, built with wicker or nets mounted on wood and iron, triggered with baits
of different nature depending on the species to be fished. They are defined as
"mobile traps" because they are pulled on board every time the fish is taken,
and thrown back into the sea for a new harvest. They are equipped with a
funnel "inlet" in which, once lowered into the sea, the fish, attracted by the
bait, enters and remains trapped.
"PALANGARO", also called "PALAMITO" or "COFFA", uses baited hooks
with natural/artificial bait, with olfactory or luminous attraction. On a long
cable, numerous hooks are mounted at regular intervals, then lowered near
the bottom (this is the case of the cod) in half water or on the surface (as with
tuna) depending on the species to be captured. You can try this type of
fishing in Liguria and Campania.
The "CIANCIOLO" is a surface "circuition" network: its characteristic is to be
very large, limited in the upper part by corks and floats, and in the lower part
by leads. Once identified a block of fish, it is surrounded by the boat, which,
by lowering the net, makes a complete turnaround the bench. The file of the
leads is then tightened, creating a bag that is pulled on board, loaded with

fish. This type of fishing tourism can be carried out with cooperatives
operating in Liguria and Campania.
Also in Campania, on the nights of July and August, you can take part in a
very special catch: the "TOTANARA". It is a line system, with the
characteristic of having a special hook, the anchor, without baits. The squid is
attracted by the movement of the hook and by luminous lamps lowered into
the sea. The lines are lowered and kept under continuous control by the
fisherman. As soon as a specimen is hooked, recovery begins. The lines can
be held by hand or with a fishing rod, left standing waiting for a fish to bite it,
or moved around to encourage predators to chase the bait.
To see the harvest of mussels and clams, choose to go to Goro, in Emilia
Romagna. You can visit sea facilities where mollusks are harvested, or take
part in the catch with the "RASTRELLI" in the Sacca di Goro. These are
dented implements which, scraping the bottom, collect the clams within sacks
in a bag, separating them from the sand or mud. They can be towed on foot
or directly from the boat.
If these few notions are not enough to satisfy your curiosity, you can have
other more technical details by connecting with the site In the "Fishing" section you can then find
detailed information on all fishing systems practiced in Italy.